Made (The Trinity Book 2)


Gia Corey is part of a triad: a sisterhood sorority of sorts, who have built a business to deal with the corrupt underworld, taking out the members of a powerful New York cartel with a phone call. Murder and corruption is her world. Trusting people are not on her list of things to do. There are but a handful of people she trusts and the one man she is attracted to, sexy playboy Noel McClean, is not one of them. There is one evil demon from her past that still haunts her. Will she take him out and finally free herself?

Gia’s evil ex-boyfriend Declan will stop at nothing to get her back. When she faces a prison stint for a crime she did not commit, she is convinced Declan is behind it. She has fought her attraction to Noah McClean. He tries to convince her that she needs him, but she thwarts his attempts, denying herself happiness until she can take down Declan. Eradicating Declan becomes her priority and she must do this alone, even if it could end her life. 

Lovers of romantic suspense will love Gia and her besties (much like the Angels of Charlie’s Angels) who will stop at nothing to protect their own. The story progresses well, but stalls out mid-way, once Gia is  released from prison. Details revealed early in the story need to have the dots connected, but it isn't a deal breaker. Ms. Lora does a great job with her character development, and the ending will leave readers fist pumping Gia, our heroine.

Layne Lancaster