Loving a Hero


Shelly and Stan had a good thing going until Stan made a stupid, regrettable mistake and broke Shelly’s heart.  Shelly is trying to move on with her life, working her way through school and caring for her young daughter. However, when Shelly becomes the target of a shadowy stalker the first person she calls is Stan.  Stan is only allowed back in Shelly’s life to find the person who is stalking her, but he is not about to waste this opportunity to win her back.  Shelly may trust Stan to protect her, but will she ever be able to trust him with her heart? 

Fasten your safety belts! “Loving a Hero” delivers a steamy romance with lots of dramatic action. For a novella, that is quite an accomplishment. There is a superb romantic tension between Shelly and Stan, both physically and emotionally. Shelly’s backstory, especially, is very insightful and realistic. The action is non-stop, which is great, but the story did become a little too frenetic, with big events happening too close together.  A slightly slower pace would allow the suspense to build at a more tantalizing pace, creating a more sinister atmosphere in the process.  But, at the end of the day, the author did an incredible job with the amount of space she had to work with. Cheryl Yeko is an author romantic suspense fans will want to keep an eye on! 

Julie Whiteley