Loving Gia to Death


Blake fears his ex-wife, Lynne, suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and is behind their daughter’s many illnesses. When Gia is taken to the hospital yet again, the nurse on duty, Noreen Jensen, becomes suspicious of both Blake and Lynne.  Noreen quickly attaches herself to Gia’s case, which leads to a romantic entanglement with Blake. As Noreen and Blake join forces to protect Gia, Lynne’s behavior becomes more and more erratic and dangerous. Gia’s life hangs in the balance, but could Blake and Noreen be in danger as well?  Can they remove Gia from harm’s way, before it is too late? 

Stories featuring Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy are making a comeback after a lengthy absence from the spotlight. While it is still a compelling topic, this story has a few issues. Blake is not the most impressive hero. He is very tense, with disturbing violent tendencies, which is scary, not sexy. Noreen’s character is a bit bland, and she ignores the proper protocol for handling possible domestic violence or child abuse situations, raising ethical questions.  On a brighter note, little Gia is the book’s saving grace. She is an adorable character in a heart-wrenching situation, but she is a real trooper. The other area in which the book exceeds, despite another chilling ‘Blake’ moment, is the super intense and suspenseful climax, which will have readers on the edge of their seats!

Julie Whiteley