Love's In Store

Tracy C.

CHRISTIAN:  “Love's In Store” captures the sweet ‘magic’ of unrequited love between two high school students, separated by a horrific car accident that leaves Tamlin in the hospital with the possibility of not walking again and Thane taking off for New York. The adventure begins anew when Tamlin and Thane literally bump back into one another during a robbery in the former sweethearts' home town. During the robbery, Tamlin is threatened, the owner is kidnapped and Thane tries to make up for past mistakes and plays the hero. Unfortunately, because of his past he is suspected of being a part of the theft and kidnapping and is jailed.  After his release for lack of evidence, Thane tries to contact Tamlin to apologize. 

One’s heart will ache for Tamlin in her struggles to recapture a once promising future in a career that seems now impossible to obtain and a love interest with serious trust issues. Despite the typical characters, and setting, “Love’s In Store” needs another go round of edits. For example: spelling errors, confusion in plot - Tamlin is getting ready for a Halloween party, Thane and her are at the party, then we are back with the main characters getting ready to go to the Halloween party. Also, we are told that Tamlin began ballet lessons at age four; toward the end of the book the author states that she begins ballet at age two. 

For readers who stick with the story in spite of the editing issues, the author showcases a delightful heroine and delivers a pleasant mélange with a garnish of romance and danger with an atypical ending,

L. Kane