Love Uncovered (Love Beyond Danger Book 2)

Archeologist Maddie Cooper is determined to complete a project to give back to the Native peoples. However, all her hard work is turned upside down when there is a burglary of some very valuable artifacts. Not only that, Scott Fisher shows up in town. Maddie and Scott used to date years before, until he left her for an assignment with the DEA and never called her again. Now he is here, working a case that involves a very dangerous man who is looking to sell priceless items on the black market. Maddie and Scott have to communicate, but can they resist each other? It turns out their feelings for each other run deep but the past may prevent them from moving forward.
There is no putting this suspenseful romance down! The author has created a wonderful story that fuses romance, corruption and suspense all together. The characters really draw the readers in with their realistic issues and chemistry. Maddie is fierce and not afraid to speak her mind but does make decisions that seem very uncharacteristic, weak and hard to believe. Scott loves deeply but does not want those he loves to be hurt. Admirable but confusing against his leaving Maddie for two years then coming back for a couple of hook-ups. The villain in this story is truly sadistic and terrifying, which makes the story all the better. The ending is quite predictable. However, the suspense and concern for the characters make up for it. Readers will jump right into this fast-paced, page-turning romance!
Amanda Hupe