Love With a Side of Crazy


Marie and her friend are enjoying a night out at a local Houston club that happens to showcase male strippers. This night there is a crowd of partygoers and one in particular that is extremely fixated on one of the dancers. She is holding a sign with a marriage proposal. Seriously? This fan is so brazen she takes the stage and pulls the dancer down off the stage and does him harm. Marie springs into action and instructs someone to call 911. This night out is turning into a nightmare! The male dancer is ok, but his recovery will be extensive. Who is the mystery woman who seems to be stalking Brent and possibly Marie too?

This love story with a crazy stalker is one that will keep readers engaged fully to the end! The characters are endearing and easy for readers to relate to. Their real-life trials are drawn out well as their characters come to know each other. The suspense is slightly predictable and the crazy stalker character is just that: crazy. The writing style is simplistic yet descriptive which makes for a quick read. Marie and Brent are both hiding secrets and when all is revealed the anger escalates. Will their love prevail or will the secrets and crazy stalker win out? “Love with a Side of Crazy” will make for a fun summer vacation read!

Viola Robins