For the Love of a Seal – The Hearts of Valor Series

Dixie Lee

Former Navy Seal Blake Sorenson, a pilot who is a partner in a security firm with some former service buddies, is blown away when reporter Tori Michaels sashays into his hanger. Blake, a man with a few demons from his past, doesn’t give interviews. Tori, a single mom starting a new reporting job for a magazine run by a jerk of a boss, is intent on getting an interview no matter what it takes. She finagles a helicopter ride and tries to change his mind during the flight. The simple supply drop turns into a gun-blasting, helicopter-crashing adventure filled with mystery that puts both their lives in danger. They try to navigate their attraction to each other and stay alive while attempting to protect a threatened political family and each other from known and unknown enemies.

If Dixie Lee Brown’s mission is to execute a death defying, action filled, suspenseful, romantic mystery that keeps a reader turning pages with bated breath… SCORE!!  From the beginning to the end, readers are going to find themselves captivated by characters that come alive with humor, honor, and hotness.

The sexual tension between Blake and Tori is so scorching it will leave you breathless. The comradery between the various members of the team makes readers feel a grateful respect for service men and women. The plot is a mystery filled with high-flying action that jumps off the page and makes the reader feel the need for a parachute! Ms. Brown’s third installment of The Hearts of Valor Series transports readers through a dangerous mission full of personal trauma, flame-filled desire, nose-diving action and hot honorable heroes!

Tonya Mathenia