Love or Deception, Suspicious Circumstances, #1

Morgan K.

Biochemist Dr. Amy Newkirk’s new husband has disappeared and she appears to be the only one concerned that he’s gone. Having a missing husband isn’t her only problem though - her memory seems to be gone, too. As more and more clues point to something dangerous connected to her predicament, Amy’s friend, Dr. Ryan Korman, helps her to regain her missing memories. The question isn’t whether they’ll succeed; it’s whether they will live long enough to do so.

This intriguing tale lunges out of the gate and takes the reader on a wild suspense-filled ride all the way to the finish line! Amy and a mysterious man named Simpson tell two sides of this multi-faceted story where nothing is quite what it seems. The faceless big corporation makes for a chilling villain while secondary characters round out and balance the cast. The awkward romantic advances between Ryan and Amy are sweet enough to make one whisper, “Awwww!” even while cheering them on. The reader is just as confused as Amy regarding the mystery surrounding her missing husband and lost memory and just as determined to solve the puzzle. While the mystery, suspense, characters and writing are top notch, the story seemed to stumble at the end with things wrapped up too neatly and quickly. In addition there is a serious issue with the editing. Another round of editing and a beefier ending would really give this tale some bite!

Carol Conley