Love on the Line



Organized schoolteacher Anne Cooper never likes being out of control, but that was before ex-Baltimore Ravens football player Wyatt Pearson came into her life. With a string of women he has been romantically tied to in the media and adoring fans around every corner, Anne is definitely out of her comfort zone. However, she cannot deny the sizzling attraction to Wyatt and is willing to push past her fears for a shot at a real relationship with him. Meanwhile, successful businessman Devon Blackwood is locked into a bet that he can get any woman to marry him within 3 months, with his sights trained directly on Anne. He seems to be charming, brilliant, and a philanthropist. However, he is hiding a myriad of  secrets behind that perfect façade.

A wonderful look at love in modern times, “Love on the Line” shows how an ordinary person can love beyond their comfort zone. Anne is extremely relatable, as she goes out of her way to have a set plan for her life and is scared of the major changes that come her way, making her easy for the reader to love. However, the plot moves at a glacial pace at many points throughout the story, often taking the reader out of the novel. Additionally, the pace makes it so the periods of suspense littered throughout the novel are not as satisfying as they could have been. The relationship between Anne and Wyatt often moves into the area of unbelievable, as they jump every hurdle at an impossibly fast pace. Despite that, “Love on the Line” is a creative suspense novel that will leave one hanging onto the last page for dear life!

Jen Griffin