For Love & Bourbon


Lucky Fox whiskey is one of the finest in Kentucky. The Brannon family is proud of their Irish family recipe and has created a must-visit destination for whiskey lovers. Ava Brannon is committed to upholding the family tradition and the family name. She and her grandfather, father and brother all have their hands in the heritage of whiskey. Ava has set her personal life aside to be able to focus and make Lucky Fox the best anyone has ever had. When a handsome man visits the distillery and takes one of her tours, all bets are off. No one has caught her eye like this guy. Little does she know, he's FBI and he’s there to investigate some mishandling of the family business and her father.


Ms. Jennings has done her homework for this great read! The making of whiskey is thoroughly described so readers are in the loop and can almost taste it, too. The Irish Republican Army is well described also. There is a creative twist to the story that keeps readers engaged in the investigation. The plot has a nice flow and the subplot is very complimentary to the story. The love affair that takes place seems a bit unnatural and some of the story is a predictable, but nevertheless this tale will take readers back in time to an unsettled Ireland and lead many wanting a trip to sip the fine alcohol created on the trails of Kentucky.


Viola Robbins