A Love Beyond

Leslie P.

Convinced her sister’s death was an attempt to escape an abusive marriage rather than an accident, A.J. Owens enters the dangerous world of her brother-in-law, Mike Towers, under the pretense of a woman enamored by the sybaritic mogul. With the intent of rescuing the champion racehorse Towers has stolen from her family A.J. encounters many obstacles hindering her plans, including Towers’ head of security, Chance Landin. However, Chance has a hidden agenda of his own: clearing his wrongly accused uncle of murdering the thoroughbreds Chance is sure Tower is behind.  A.J. and Chance find that achieving their goals is not going to be easy, nor is denying the attraction that flares between them. 


This entertaining romantic suspense is set on the Texas-Mexico border at Laredo, and offers a glimpse into the decadent, sometimes corrupt world of thoroughbred racehorses. With characters that are well drawn and a plot that moves seamlessly at a good pace, this captivating novel paints a vivid picture through picturesque imagery and words that captures one’s imagination. What starts out as a simple story of retrieval of property and exposure of wrongdoing quickly becomes a complex tale as author Leslie Garcia introduces numerous elements at a comfortable pace and without being overwhelming. Even though the story is predictable and the ending a bit rushed, this well-written, multifaceted tale compels the reader to turn the pages. With its solid plot and intriguing story line, this novel will appeal to readers of both romance and suspense. 


Janna Shay