Locked and Loaded For Justice: Saving Gia


When she saved a little girl from the girl’s mother, Noreen Jensen got the injuries and scars as a constant reminder. The little girl has become like a daughter to her, and Noreen is also close to her father. However, when the little girl’s mother returns and wants her child back, Noreen finds herself in danger and has to fight to keep little Gia and her father both safe and in her life. However, the mother of the child is a force to be reckoned with. One thing is for sure, Noreen is going to fight to her last breath with everything she has for her family.

Rena Koontz has brought together characters who will take readers on a wild ride with a really vicious villain who will be absolutely hated. The one thing that stood out was how well written the character of Lynne is. It is a story that may seem cliché; however, there are aspects that make it a little different from similar stories. There is an engaging plot and two main characters who just want the best for the little girl in their care. An adventure that will be enjoyed by many and most definitely one not to miss. “Locked and Loaded For Justice: Saving Gia” delivers well written scenes, lively dialogue and a family unit to fall in love with, and a hope that they will get their happily ever after.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick