Lock and Load (SEAL EXtreme Team Series, Book #2)


MILITARY:  Reluctant computer hacker Amber Fitz has found herself in some pretty sticky situations as an American in China. The daughter of a prominent member of Washington D.C.’s elite, she has much to live up to … however, she finds that she’s causing her family more embarrassment than pride. Her only solace is in the role playing game she frequents, and the mysterious soldier that she bonds with in the game. When she is tricked into hacking into the Department of Defense’s weaponry system, she finds herself in some hot water … of the deadly variety. 


Navy SEAL and communications expert Charlie Handley has been urging Amber to meet in real life. Part of a newly-formed SEAL task force, he often finds himself in interesting and off-the-grid places. But when his next mission involves saving Amber—and possibly turning her over to the American government—he has to ask himself some tough questions: Can he trust this woman who has stolen his heart? And will that trust mean turning his back on his morals and his country? 


This is a fast-paced and high-octane love story, filled with high stakes that readers will love. Book two in the SEAL EXtreme Team series, readers will benefit from reading the first book in the series, but it is not a requirement. Although there were some instances where Amber’s reactions to major events seem a bit shortsighted, overall her character is unique and engaging. The chemistry between Amber and Charlie burns off the page and many readers will find the novel un-putdownable. 


Mia Francis