Leverage (The Mistaken #2)

Nancy S.

Conner, a student at University of Washington, is on a downward spiral with the assistance of drugs, alcohol and Katy, his best friend Leo's girlfriend. As he deals with his grief and guilt over Leo's death he begins to suspect that it was not a suicide.  His weakness and addictions begin to get the best of him yet he draws enough strength to seek help from his mom, Hannah, and his step-father Tyler. Tyler discovers that Conner may have been manipulated into his current state by the Russian mafia, the same people responsible for the murder of his family four years ago. He also begins to have his doubts and fears they are searching for him. He must face his enemy and risk his own life to protect his new family. 


This thriller has a very gritty edge, with detail and insights into the Russian mafia, drugs, sex and murder. Connor and Katy have a toxic relationship that dwells a bit too long on his emotional instability, which risks losing the readers interest and discouraging real likability. The initial flow of the story is very slow. Yet, as the progression and enlightenment continues, the pace increases and interest once again catches up with the initial intrigue in the beginning. With numerous amounts of despicable characters the seedy and dangerous side takes over. Still, the small thread of a love story keeps one bonded to Hannah, the innocent bystander that gives a small emotional connection.  A curvy, twisty and mysterious set of events begin to unravel, bringing this story to a carousal level similar to a Guy Ritchie film.


Margaret Faria