Lethal Voyage (Mike Stoneman Thriller #3)

Kevin G.

NYPD Detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson take a much-needed weekend cruise to Bermuda, hoping to dodge publicity and spend time with their lady loves, Medical Examiner Michelle and her friend Rachel. As fate would have it, they are soon embroiled in an onboard murder investigation on the high seas. With the reluctant assistance of the ship's security captain; the two detectives, their companions, and an old mentor gather clues and put their crime-solving skills to the test. The main suspects are a clever mastermind, a lucky dimwit, or a guilty scumbag in a dangerous love triangle. In a race against time, with a climbing body count, our two intrepid detectives have to solve the crime or see a murderer sail free.

Filled with action, drama, and surprising twists, "Lethal Voyage" is a captivating addition to the Mike Stoneman series, guaranteed to delight readers old and new! This third installment continues almost immediately after the second ends and quickly provides readers and the story’s characters with a villain escalating to serial killer status. The side characters are an ensemble cast of passengers and crew who provide excitement, drama, and add zest to the tension-filled storyline. The tale’s vivid depiction of the wonderful world of cruise line adventure and ambiance and the diligent crime-solving minds of heroic detectives ensures readers won't regret buying a ticket on Mr. Kevin G. Chapman’s fatal seafaring whodunit. So, grab a life jacket and don’t fall overboard as NYPD Homicide Detectives Mike and Jason set sail on a murderous cruise, where the treacherous outcome of a philanderer’s indiscretions and a woman scorned becomes a lethal journey of death!

Tonya Mathenia