Let the Dead Lie (McKay #1)


Emmit McKay is a widower with three adopted daughters. Savannah Walker is the new principal in Blue Creek. She has a master’s degree and a no-nonsense attitude but she is completely caught off guard by the McKay girls. The closer Emmit and Savannah become, the more dangerous things get — when a murderer hides amongst you, you cannot let the dead lie.

This contemporary romance takes place in small town that is full of secrets that draws readers in and keeps them guessing from the very beginning of the story! Surprising twists and turns keep the thrilling suspense building throughout while the chemistry between Emmit and Savannah draws them toward a sweet romance although this couple never manages to have a first date. The characters are charming and quirky especially the children with all their chuckle-worthy hijinks that the children get up to. Between them and the sneaky attacks of a traitor, while the story is fast paced, it is almost too short to really do it justice. Some of the events seem to be a little over the top since they involve children. In setting up the next book, the epilogue of “Let the Dead Lie” leaves readers with a cliffhanger, but Emmit and Savannah’s story is one that never has a dull moment and keeps readers glued to the pages and has a satisfying ending that fast tracks to the future. 

E.L. Hurley