A Legacy of Love and Murder (The Love and Murder Series, Book 3)


August Myer is thrilled to be visiting Castle Luschin with her mother, Lacy Meadowlark. Newly reunited with a long-lost relative, Lacy seeks to find information about her father as well as getting to know her grandfather. August yearns to explore the extensive art collection housed within the castle. Unfortunately, upon their arrival they are greeted with tragedy and suspicion. 


Chief Inspector Tobias Wolf is sent to handle the tragedy at Castle Luschin. His familiarity with the family gives him a unique insight into the mystery that has presented itself with the sudden death of Herr Luschin. The arrival of the mysterious American women, claiming to be long lost relatives, throws a giant wrench into the plans of many people. 


A true mystery is woven throughout the story of Herr Luschin’s death. An intricate plot underlies the entire tale, and is intriguing. Crafting a connection to present day political unrest and history, Ms. Whiteside knocks it out of the park with her style. Alas, a few continuity errors, formatting issues, and minor wording concerns detract ever so slightly from the overall enjoyment of the novel. Skipping over these issues allows enjoyment of the mystery, however. The romance that blooms is quite compelling, because of the exceptionally well-developed characters. August and Tobias keep the heat on, while still being their strong, individual selves - a testament to solid character development by an author. Intertwine a strong cast of characters with a well defined plot and you have a stellar story that stands firmly alone, while complementing the series. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto