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When Erika St. James' wealthy father figure dies, he leaves his multimillion dollar business to Erika and his long lost grandson, with one stipulation...they must live in his mansion and run the business together for one year.  Erika has never even heard of Michael, and when she finally tracks down the reclusive man, she has little hope of convincing him to move in with her to carry out the terms of the will.  Ex-lawyer Michael has been living in self-imposed exile, punishing himself for the deaths of innocent people after a court case gone horribly wrong.  Not to mention that he's never even heard of his grandfather.   

This was a wonderfully intuitive peek into the lives of two adults who are dealing with horrific, hurtful, and tragic pasts. They are forced to lean on each other, and though they each have little self worth, support from one another slowly allows healing to take place.  Attraction soon begins to deepen into affection and admiration.  All the while, part of their past is stalking them, slowly making its way to this fledgling couple and everyone left in their life that they hold dear.  The villain's mental state and mindset could have been more integrated throughout the story to add a bigger impact to the ending.  Some of the suspense fell flat due to either a lack of believability in the bad guy's mental state and too-easily explained fallback for one major plot line.  Other than that, this was thoroughly entertaining, gripping at times, and a touching love story.


Nicole Duke