Leave Yesterday Behind


Callie Chennault is a down-to-earth lady with a heart of gold, but the world knows her better as the snooty, snarky Jessica Filch Karris Richmond Faulkner Montgomery Dalton. Some think she truly is Jessica, forgetting that is only a role she plays on a daytime soap. A brutal attack by a rabid fan turns the world upside down for Callie, changing her forever. She needs to go home to recuperate both physically and mentally. She needs to reconnect with herself and not the character. Nick La Chappelle has known the good life, but now he wants to settle down and live his dream. Being a writer completed him. Love is funny though, and takes one’s heart to the strangest times and places. 


An intense and intriguing tale of mystery and suspense, "Leave Yesterday Behind" lacks only one thing - a bit more exploration of Raymond Morris’s deranged behaviors. That might be unnecessary for most, but it would only heighten the pleasure of the mystery of who really wants to kill Jessica. Some of the best characters represent a demanding story that never waivers from the powerful prologue introduction to dementia. The emotional connection to the characters and betwixt them is a dynamic blend of literary artistry not often seen in the current generation. The words explode from the page, sucking the reader in with the waves of suspense that never give the details away prematurely. Start to finish an edge-of-the-seat thriller that chills and thrills!


Penelope Anne Bartotto