Leather and Lies


Skyelar “Skye” is a newly graduated forensic psychologist and excited to begin her career with the Washington D.C. police department. In the midst of beginning her new life, Skye finds out her cousin Kourtney may be in danger. Kourtney, a heroin addict, has gone missing and the family enlists Skye’s help to track her down. During this family turmoil and search, Skye’s Dad decides to take yet another stranger into their home from his biker club. Wes Carson is recently divorced and new to the area. As the hunt for Kourtney hits closer and closer to home, Skye realizes not all people and situations are what they claim to be. She discovers her own strength and the lengths to which she will go to protect the ones she loves. 

Celeste Straub has fine-tuned the art of mixing a steamy romance novel with a plotline so suspenseful readers will not be able to put it down. Readers will connect with Skye and her ability to just know when something isn’t quite right and to never underestimate the power of intuition. From Wes, to other members of the biker club and various law enforcement agencies, readers will be shocked to see how closely intertwined the good guys can be with the bad guys. Readers will hope that this isn’t the last we see of Skye and that this is only the beginning of her story.  

Alison Ellis