The Last Execution


Atlanta police detective Leigh McBride is on assignment to the FBI.  She joins a task force on the trail of a sniper, whose victims all appear to be men who abused their wives.  As the victim of a rape seven years ago, the case hits very close to home for Leigh, and old fears are rekindled when her rapist is released on parole and begins threatening her.  Her temporary partner, special agent JT Noble, is a man of few words and decisive actions. They both have their reasons for wanting to avoid relationships, but nothing can stop the electricity that sizzles between them every time they touch.  

“Pulling the trigger was like making love. Take your time, use a gentle hand, and then enjoy a sweet reward”. Turns out, those opening lines are also like the writing in this book! The author takes her time, perfectly setting up individual story lines and skillfully weaving them together. She then uses a gentle hand to create believably flawed characters that readers cannot help but identify with. Finally, the readers get to enjoy the sweet reward of a well-balanced tale with one villain that is easy to hate and another who truly believes he is making society a better place, making it hard to not root for him!  The only downside is that the mystery is a bit predictable and not quite gripping enough to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Otherwise, this is a fabulously-written novel that will satisfy armchair detectives as well as those romantics looking for a happily-ever-after!


Leslie Stokes