Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

A Hero’s Heart

DEA agent Jarrett Brandt returns home to visit his twin brother's grave. Ten years have passed since he left - as a rebel teenager hooked on cocaine - and guilt still hangs heavy around his neck.

Unforgettable Kiss

Meghan Eden has sworn to never love again after the tragic loss of her son at the hands of her ex-husband. However, an unexpected attraction to Eric, the man she is partnered with at a golf tournament, has her questioning her resolve.

Common Denominator

Common Denominatorby C.E.

Moving his family to the Cornish village near where he grew up, Doctor Tristan Ainsworth thought he’d help his family grow. Instead his wife Karen has become withdrawn, taken to hiding at home.

Carolyn Woods and Jack Heart have more than a few things in common - an on-again, off-again romance of convenience, they are both private investigators, and they have just discovered that they have each been hired to by different people to solve the same murder!  The challenge they face - avoiding each other personally