Killing Secrets (Thorne's Thorns Book 1)

K. L.

Rachel James has fled to Denver with her daughter, Amanda, to elude her ex-husband after he is released from jail. After suffering abuse at his hands Rachel was instrumental in her ex-husband’s incarceration by helping the FBI. Rachel meets Patrick Thorne, while hiding out - and he has his own demons to fight. However, Rachel has more to worry about than her ex-husband finding her. She now has to contend with a mutual attraction that neither her nor Patrick want. When a serial killer is loose on the streets of Denver, Patrick and Rachel must learn to trust each other in order to survive.


This gripping romantic suspense takes off running from the first page! Packed with webs of deceit, evil villains, non-stop action, and suspense, the reader is kept at the edge of the seat as the plot thickens. The characters are well developed and the story flows smoothly but at a bristling pace. With an abundance of twists and turns that keeps one guessing, the added element of passionate romance makes this read not only exciting but also thrilling. The only drawback was the areas where Rachel and Patrick spent time avoiding each other, which bogged down the pace of the romance, and thereby, rushed the happily ever after.


This is a well-written romantic suspense that’s riveting, unpredictable, and utterly enthralling. Ms. Docter did an excellent job of keeping the suspense high and steady with unpredictable happenings, bone-chilling bad guys, and an intense climax. This is a must read for lovers of all genres!


Janna Shay