(Brent Marks #5)


LEGAL:  Brent Marks is almost the perfect lawyer: although some events get complicated beyond his control, he refuses to be bullied by anyone.   Try as he might, he is unable to win the libel case he has brought against the cyber-stalkers harassing him.  He does what he thinks is the next best thing: he searches for the men that slandered his name, but before he can reach out to them some commit suicide. Or at least it is made to look like suicide. Brent soon finds out that a man called the ‘Ghost’ is out to kill any and all witnesses to the killer’s crime. Brent, unfortunately, discovers that he too is on Ghost's short list.


Kenneth Eade has created a fast-paced and interesting crime thriller in "” that is enjoyable and easy to read in an afternoon. Although there are some editing issues that are somewhat distracting throughout the book, the plot is unique and the characters are well developed. Brent Marks is the sympathetic protagonist of the story and readers will find themselves rooting for him long before the story is finished. Conspiracies are woven throughout “” and intrigue and mystery abound in this story.  It's a suspenseful thriller with a unique plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seats!


Mary-Nancy Smith