Killer Score (The Irish Garda Squad Book Two)


Detective Evan Gallagher moved to Ireland from the US. Previously an FBI agent, he is now a Detective with the Irish police. During an evening out at a club, he goes outside and finds a body. He calls in his colleagues, which includes Chelsea Campbell, a Forensic Psychologist. When another body shows up quickly after the first, they find themselves in a race against time. There could be more, and there is no way for them to determine who is next. As they work the case, their feelings for one another start to grow. The killer has one of them in their sights, and their new romance may not be able to blossom.

The one thing that stood out about this book was the attention to detail, especially with the differences in dialogue between Irish and American. It shows the author did her research on the languages and patterns of speech. The plot takes hold and refuses to let go until the killer is revealed. There are varied characters that will capture the imagination, and readers will find themselves wanting to know more about them. Melinda Colt has written a fantastic romantic suspense that lives up to the genre. “Killer Score” is a whodunnit in every way and it will keep everyone guessing until the big reveal.  This series has definitely hit the ground running and cannot be missed. An absolute gem of a novel.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick