The Killer in Me


Newly elected Sheriff Elizabeth “Ellie” Benoit is determined to clean up Eckardt County’s corruption. With most of the ousted sheriff’s deputies gone, Elizabeth needs help. Enter Lila Dayne from Chicago PD, a private person with a resume too impressive for a small county deputy. Lila’s investigative skills are needed immediately to process Elizabeth’s first homicide as Sheriff. Although Lila struggles with memories of Chicago, she seamlessly dives into the job. As they hit walls with local family secrets and past feuds, one of their own is shot and in critical condition. It’s a race against time for Elizabeth and Lila to crack down on the murders.

Winter Austin is a first-rate suspense author, who uses skillful, twisty storytelling that will entertain readers to the very last page. Elizabeth is a believable Sheriff, but she needs more of her own story rather than revolving around her ex-husband’s. Lila is the star of “The Killer in Me”. She will captivate readers by her layered and vicious past along with her investigative skills. Character loyalties are nicely intertwined, creating illusions that will draw readers in. However, readers may become confused with crowded scenes and the interchanging of first and last names, along with nicknames. Editing of several misused words, along with the use of throat sounds by characters as a way of responding in dialogue may be helpful. The twists as the story hits its climax are a slam dunk! Winter Austin’s newest series has the potential to be ranked with Lisa Gardiner and other best-selling authors.

Moira Wolf