Killer Me


After surviving her time in the foster care system, 24-year-old Alice Teller works at Home Depot in Vancouver and shares a small apartment with her Great Dane. There is a serial killer at work in the area. That, coupled with the fact that she feels she is being watched, spooks her. No matter how much she would like to stay holed up in her apartment, she needs her paycheck. She finds herself face-to-face with the suspect and his latest victim on her commute. As the only one who has seen the man’s face, she is questioned by Detective Jonathan Murphy, who needs her to help catch the perpetrator.


"Killer Me" has an intriguing premise, and author Candace Osmond sets a formidable task for herself with the characters and basics of her story. There is a welcome plot twist in chapter eighteen. It will reawaken the patient reader’s interest if they are willing to turn a blind eye to editing issues, characters requiring more depth, and a wider world to explore. There is a good sense of time, and the reader may well appreciate the framework of Lewis Carroll’s imagination on which the plot is loosely built. Readers looking for a romantic element will be disappointed, but those who enjoy surprises at the end of a tale will be delighted.


The reader is a fly on the wall witnessing a transformation; a change with a reluctant start.


Heather R. Nielsen