Killer Lies


A dark, ominous mansion awaits Kelsey Tremayne when she arrives in Carville. She hasn’t set foot in the town since her sixteenth summer, when she and her best friend, Lizzie Prescott, disappeared. Kelsey later reappeared but with no memory of what happened, and Lizzie was never seen again. As Kelsey starts to settle into the mansion, she feels she is being watched and sees mysterious faces at the windows and men in the house. Frightened, she calls the police, and Detective Sam Carmichael arrives on the scene. At first, he sees a hysterical petite lady, until he finds the footprints outside the window. Then he finds the wire strung across the basement steps. Something menacing is going on at the mansion, but what is it and is it related to Kelsey’s prior disappearance?

“Killer Lies” is a suspenseful novel which keeps the reader perched on the edge of their seat. Sam, a steadfast character, is the rock and voice of reason. Kelsey is neurotic, but who wouldn’t be, given her past. A plethora of well-written characters keep this novel moving on the fast track to its incredible ending. Holding deadly secrets no one can possibly guess, the mansion is a character in and of itself. The villains, unfortunately, are disappointing as they figure prominently in the story but are not well-written, lacking depth. Descriptions of the other characters and the backdrop bring the world of deception to life as Ms. Westfield entwines the worlds of the past and present together. Spine-tingling adventure is the promise of this story, and it is well delivered, giving readers goosebumps and nightmares galore!

Belinda Wilson