Kerri’s War (The King Trilogy, Volume 3)


Kerri King is the president of an affluent brokerage company. On 9/11, her luck runs out, as 338 of her employees working in the Trade Center perish. On the same day the United States goes to war against terrorism, Kerri goes to war for the families left behind. 

“Kerri’s War” takes a walk in the shadows of what appears privilege, but is rank with selfish purpose. Mr. Douglass writes a tale that will make a reader happy they’re born to grass roots rather than with a silver spoon in their mouth. The elite families in this story are dangerous and ungrateful. Whether they got there from inheritance, hard work, or back stabbing, it’s a sickening feeling to know these people not only walk among us, but are really the puppet masters of our economy. One woman, Kerri King, takes on the worst of them in a daunting task to right the wrongs of others. 

The plot of Mr. Douglass' novel is extremely good, but it’s watered down with the consistent retelling of facts already given. The continual use of the same phrases can irritate. Secondary characters are given extensive backgrounds which don’t move the story along. 

The author has a good grasp of conglomerates and reflects this in this novel. The antagonists are extremely deadly, and leave a tremble of concern even with a happy ending. Definitely a story that will keep you thinking!

Natasza Waters