Keeper II: The Storm

April Dunn

CHRISTIAN:  Scooter is determined to win a Nobel Prize in science. Her job in a zoo gives her a constant source of animals to experiment on. Jay feels the pressure to find out what is causing the mysterious events in his zoo, and causing the animals to act so bizarre.  Lucas is worried about his job at the zoo, his engagement to beautiful Jolie, and the sparked interest of newcomer Emmalee.  Jolie has a lot to juggle; her engagement to Luca, her young daughter, her jealousy of Emmalee, and her job at the zoo filled with crazed animals.  In addition, Emmalee must fight her attraction to handsome Lucas while keeping her job at the dangerous Zoo and try to make a safe life for herself.

This story wins bonus points for being original and unique. Zoo romances are not a common genre, although the focus on this story was more the characters who worked around the zoo instead of general information about zoos. It would appear “Keeper II The Storm” is a retelling of “The Keeper” original story, with a few updates added, and this led to many discrepancies and random segments dropped into established scenes. The conflicts of each character seem one-dimensional. The way many reacted to events was unbelievable and scenes were full of inconsistencies. The Christianity felt plunged into random scenes just to make the genre. There is no mystery as the antagonist is clear to the reader almost immediately. Moreover, it does not meet the expectations of a romance. The ending was anti-climatic. Despite the number of inconsistencies, the writing was fast, tight, and enjoyable. 

Emerson Matthews