Kat's Song

Sherry Fowler

Kat McKay's heart was broken and she has vowed to never let it happen again. She's not getting involved with men ever again and is convinced that she's never going to find true love. Paul is a musician who is good at putting his feelings into music, but when it comes to the language of love, he's a little stumped. He's not going to let Kat McKay get too close as that would mean revealing some of the secrets he's held within for so long. When they have to get together, it's for similar reasons - protection. Kat is trying to escape her ex husband and as he hunts her down, Paul will have to protect her. Will their relationship work? Or will they be forced to become single again?


This is a nice story with two characters carrying a lot of emotional baggage when it comes to relationships. Their feelings for one another are complicated and portrayed well by Ms. Chancellor who has brought together a good and enjoyable story. Some mild errors were noticeable and it felt as though the story was crammed in places as it was a short book. Paul is a gorgeous and sexy character who has a lot going on. Kat is going through a lot too, trying to escape her ex husband. As the story comes to a climax, there are some tense, edge-of-the-seat scenes. A good quickie read that will leave warm and fuzzy feelings. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick