Just Plain Blood (Blood Trilogy, 2)


PARANORMAL:  Titus Acilius is a two thousand year old vampire who has left his humanity behind. Well, most of it. He is a contradiction in terms: he is a vampire whose power is immeasurable, a killer who kills without thought when necessary, but still has a heart for his friends and those he cares for.  


Gaius Acilius was turned into a vampire by Titus, and he has hated Titus from the moment his life was changed. Gaius spends centuries hunting and trying to find ways to kill Titus for turning him, along with his need to change the world into one that is dominated by vampires, with himself at the helm.


Bloody Bill Harrison and his daughter Molly have been hunting vampires for years, and Molly’s husband has found a way to enhance their human abilities….but at what cost?


“Just Plain Blood” takes off exactly where “A History in Blood” left off and stands well on its own. Reading the first book, however, will explain how things evolved to where they stand in book two. Mr. DeFazio is a talented author on so many levels; his characters have depth and complexity, and one gets sucked in from the very beginning. This story contains everything a paranormal fan wants - humor, angst, intrigue, love, and the list goes on. All of the strings are tied up at the end, with just a little teaser to make one anticipate the last book in the trilogy. A word of warning, it’s best not to read this story while eating a meal if one happens to be squeamish. Kudos Mr. DeFazio…bring on the next book!!!


Lynne Bryant