Just One Look (FBI Agents #2)


“Just One Look” is an action-packed romance sure to pull the reader in immediately!  The main characters (FBI agent Drew Davenport and Mia Alvarez, an independent businesswoman) come from different financial backgrounds but because of her brother’s marriage to Drew’s sister, they meet and find themselves instantly drawn to each other. Unfortunately, obstacles exist that keep them apart. Mia has a dark, unrelenting secret, while Drew nurses wounds he suffered trying to save Mia’s brother.  His physical wounds healed much faster than the emotional scars that the bullet holes left behind. Each character wonders if they are good for each other in the long run even though they instantly feel as if they were made for one another. However, by denying their emotional draw, they end up putting themselves within the crosshairs of the secrets they desperately tried to avoid.

Romantic suspense lovers will be drawn into Mia and Drew’s budding relationship. The book's setting – a pristine and exclusive beach community in Florida – sets the stage for the luxury and conflict a wealthy lifestyle can bring. The way the author weaves the characters’ inner dialogue into the threads of the plot captures the reader’s imagination. Drew and Mia pop of the screen of the e-reader and their well-roundedness demonstrates the author’s mastery of her craft. Every aspect of the plot was rich and to the point, making this a fast and enjoyable read. Unfortunately, this is a novella, but luckily, Virginia Kelly has a other selections to choose from: including a "Against the Wind", companion novel to this one.  

Amy Willis