Just Good Clean Fun: A Spy’s Life Adventure


This full circle adventure encompasses Mitch’s life from recruitment and includes many references to days gone by that both warm the heart as well as force one to give pause. Real life historical events and personages span the pages and are sure to tug at emotions long forgotten. The author weaves a tale filled with political agendas from around the world sure to challenge even the best problem solvers. Not everyone is who they appear to be, which adds welcome flavor to this mix of Yin and Yang.

James Bond? Ethan Hunt? Jason Bourne? Spies, spies, and more spies. Lovers of international intrigue, strategic planning, and foreign lands, England, Australia, and China to name a few, may well enjoy the adventures of Mitch Hawkins and his cohorts. Although fictional, one cannot help but wonder if actual truths pepper the pages. The book is written in a mostly narrative fashion. There is very little dialogue, a bit of head hopping, and a number of references to future and/or past events written out of order making the timeline difficult to pin down with the unfortunate result of pulling the reader out of the story. The writing style is very anecdotal and may have some readers wondering at first if this is an autobiography instead of a work of fiction. Character descriptions and their development is well done.

Becca Windsor