Journey to the Lost Tomb


TIME TRAVEL:  Ella and Rowan are living happily in Alabama, planning their upcoming wedding and a visit to Rowan’s parents' home. His mother is not fond of Ella – she is also not shy about sharing her feelings, and tries her best to discourage their marriage.  When Ella gets a desperate call from her best friend Maddie, Ella runs off to assist and bring Maddie home from Cairo. This action pushes their wedding back until she returns. Rowan is not happy but knows he cannot stop her. When Maddie returns to Alabama sans Ella, Rowan knows something has happened and goes to Egypt to trace her steps and track down her mysterious disappearance.


“The Journey to the Lost Tomb" is an engaging take on time travel and historical discoveries. The historical facts are accurate and interesting. Going back in time and experiencing a huge historical find in Cairo, Egypt in the 1920’s is exciting and transports readers right into the adventure. The plot and pace of the suspense are nicely done, although the hero and heroine have multiple brushes with death which gets to be a bit unbelievable. The time travel and guidance from seers is creative and the end wraps up with an unexpected surprise. This is part of a series and stands alone for the most part; however, many references are made to their earlier relationship in another time and place and readers may appreciate the book more if series is read in order.


Julie Caicco