The Intended Ones


Six months after Wyatt “Doc” Reynolds was recruited by an Angel to rescue her granddaughter from a murder, things have changed drastically for Doc, Farren, and her grandfather. As her grandfather, Gus remembers his whirlwind romance with his wife Clair, Farren and Doc try to build their own relationship with the threat of a hit man hanging over their heads. With their faith being tested, will Doc and Farren be able to move past the emotional turmoil Farren’s ex-husband caused, or will the hit man succeed and end their relationship forever?


The sequel to “Substitute Angel”, “The Intended Ones” picks up shortly after the first book leaves off. A romance with religious and paranormal undertones, this book explores both relationships and the aftermath of emotional and physical trauma. The constant transition between the current couple and flashbacks of the past can be slightly distracting at first, but plays well to the story as a whole. The content can be slightly dark at times concerning Farren’s past and the people after her, which could be difficult for some readers.  It is handled tastefully and most ends are tied neatly, with just one major question left open: what being an “intended one” actually means. Readers should definitely read both books to fully enjoy this complex tale!


Sarah E. Bradley