The Institute

J.R. Wirth

As the storyline unfolds, the reader is ushered into the dramatic lives of teenagers, Michael and Aaron, who stop at nothing to have their way. Shannon and Jenson Rucker, their parents, are worried about their behavior. Although their brother, Gabriel, is always looking out for them, he cannot keep them secure when their minds are constantly scouting for new ways to channel their mischief. A detailed infomercial by the Serenity Institute praising the institute’s ability to rectify even the worst teenage behavior has the Ruckers deciding to send both Michael and Aaron to the institute. Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Melissa works at the Serenity Institute and witnesses some brain-altering experiments that scientist Jonas, AKA Scarecrow, performs on humans. With the help of the Conan twins, Daniel and Donnie, Gabriel seeks to stop the dark storm that is brewing over Michael’s life.

The story’s many mindboggling events will hook readers into the unfolding drama as the curtains of the Serenity Institute open through the eyes and mind of Melissa. Almost wishing that the Ruckers would change their minds about sending their sons to the institute, the reader is in for multiple shocks throughout this enticing psychological thriller. This dramatic tale has a paranormal thread perfectly sewn into the complex yet entertaining, plot. The characters are both entertaining and feel almost real—the kind of realism that comes to life through well-sculpted storylines. Other than a couple of minor flaws, everything about this novel puts it into the list of books that make readers ask questions about the ethical nature of scientific experiments carried out on humans. “The Institute” is one very thought-provoking read.

JM Lareen