Iniquity (A Sean McPherson Novel, Book Four)


Sean McPherson is thrown back into the deep end when his fiancée is kidnapped by crime boss Georgio Gambino. Not only that, but loved ones of his two best friends are taken, and if any of them make an attempt at a rescue, one of their loved ones will be killed. Attendees at the writers retreat work tirelessly to help the three friends get the ones they care about back. As events unfold, the friends get taken on a perilous journey and they’ll find themselves going against the clock, and a cunning foe that is determined to make them suffer. Will the best friends succeed in their mission? Or are they doomed to lose everything they hold dear?

Once again, Laurie Buchanan has nailed it with this fantastic addition to the Sean McPherson series! The previous three books are full of awesomeness, and this has most certainly been continued with “Iniquity”. There is a real race against time which makes this book a true page turner, and readers will be scrambling to find out if the three friends get their loved ones back safely. Fans of suspense and thrillers will really enjoy this series. The vast array of characters are well written, and the plots pull one along seemingly faster than a speeding bullet. This book has so much going for it, and it is definitely one that should be added to the to-be-read list! “Iniquity” will leave readers needing more from this very talented author. Nail-biting suspense excellence!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick