Inheriting Fear


Mya is a professional chef and highly trained in kickboxing. This Aussie can and will take care of herself. She has had a rough go of it and is making on her own, all alone, and she likes it that way. Her father was an abuser; her mother suffered brain damage after one of his beatings and is now in a full-time care home. Once her father passed and left her all he had, she put her mother in the best facility she could and got herself a small townhouse. Threats began coming in about the same time a new neighbor moves in a few doors down. There is also stolen jewelry and suspicious deaths of some of the elderly at the care home. Can Mya help with the mystery while keeping herself alive too? Will the handsome new neighbor have a chance to win her heart?


There is pain and loss in two Australian souls that happen to become neighbors, can the healing begin? Danger is looming all around them. Is there an end to the threats? This romantic suspense is deftly written, the plot and pace of the story are a delightful fast pace with no dull moments to be had. The main characters are well developed and the supporting characters are woven beautifully into the story. The pain of loves lost and abuse is handled delicately and love still shines bright upon those who want it. Great read with a great ending and a delightful healing romance!


Viola Robbins