Inherent Truth: Blood Secrets Book 1


Olivia “Liv” Sullivan is a natural psychic. She dreams of the dead and the circumstances of their deaths. She often hears their last words, and as a teenager, relays those last words to the intended recipients with tragic results. Grown and working as a telephone psychic for a fake psychic group, she receives an eerie call to return home to Sullivan Farms in Cascade Hills, Ohio. That night in her dreams, her grandmother Grace calls her home, too. In the morning, she is told that Grace is dead. One early morning while sifting through things at the Sullivan farm, undercover FBI agent, Ridge McCaffrey catches her believing her to be an intruder. Others have murderous designs to inherit the farm, putting Liv’s life in grave danger. Ridge is assigned to protect Liv. Ridge and Liv are at the center of psychics, intrigue, remote sensing, love and murder.

“Inherent Truth” has a plot filled with intricate twists and turns catching the reader’s interest and immerses them in the story from the very beginning. Colorful characters bring the story to life and add humor to an otherwise dark tale. Considering his importance in the story, Lyle is not as developed as he should be. He is flat in a three-dimensional world. This novel has a cliffhanger with many loose ends and questions left dangling, not to be cleared up until the next book. Occasionally, the plot gets murky and is difficult to follow. The descriptions of characters are wonderful and the world building is fantastic. Ms. Anthony creates an interesting story to begin her trilogy of mystery and suspense.

Belinda Wilson