Tamara Hart

Jayne Lockwood is a junior at Lacey Township High just off the New England coast and has a promising future ahead of her. She isn't the typical teen, however - she valiantly avoids being labeled with the moniker Crazy Jayne, a cruel nickname coined by middle school class mates. You see, she has a secret, a gift she considers a curse.  She "Sees" other's deaths; deaths which are usually untimely and violent.  An undeniable lemon fragrance surrounds a person whose fate she can" See", unless she can avoid eye contact.  Death is a morsel of information Jayne doesn't particularly want to know. Although tries to avoid these Sightings, she can't escape them forever, especially when the people involved are children, family members, and friends..

In this highly intriguing tale of murder and suspense, Heiner's characters are comfortably drawn with a few surprises, both good and bad! The plot is original and keeps the reader involved and constantly guessing as to where they are being led. The style is youthful and contemporary and yet successfully stretches younger readers vocabulary, but not to distraction. Heiner's credibility feels genuine although such ability as portrayed on the page is highly unlikely. There are times when sentences seem awkward, but the story is so gripping they can easily be disregarded. For truly chilling Young Adult Suspense, this one is a winner!


Erin Murdock