Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

God Whisperer

INSPIRATIONAL:  Lonnie Hogan is on the run with her son, terrified that any day the killers after her baby will find them. Hiding in a small Danish community Lonnie thinks they might be safe until strange things begin happening with her son.

This Darkness Light

Warning: Extreme Violence


Former soldier Kaden Christiansen has returned to Afghanistan to help Azita Seraj, the widowed doctor who risked her life

Elizabeth Stewart, author of the Garden Series, is successfully promoting her pseudo personality in dating relationships, touting their viability over the course of a three-year relationship with personal appearances and book signings.

Nickie Savage, aka Nicole Monticello, has a painful past that she deals with every day as she continues to look for answers to many questions from her youth.  Dealing with constant night terrors are a reminder that she did not have the regular upbringing that most girls do.