Inescapable: Remembering

Madge H.

Brad Daniels is taking an unconscious Darcy Callahan to a domed city six miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean. She was recently in a car accident that erased her memory; she’s been kidnapped, and finally auctioned off. She is the love of Brad’s life, but she has no memory of that. There are three men responsible for her kidnapping and Brad vows to get his revenge. He gets a team together to go after them, but they are eliminated before he gets his chance. Then Lilly, his assistant, begins sabotaging the dome. First she tries to kill the hydroponic gardens, and then she goes after Darcy with murder on her mind. The grand opening begins with all the requisite VIPs when an uninvited guest is discovered who takes an interest in Darcy. Will Darcy survive long enough to remember her past and have a happily ever after with Brad?


This novel should be read after Inescapable Book 1. The plot is very unique and offers a glimpse of intrigue and espionage. Darcy is a deep character in spite of having amnesia and it is fascinating watching her bloom into a new woman once she recovers her memories. Unfortunately, there are so many typos, missing words, and misuse of verb tenses that it takes away from the enjoyment of the story. The storyline of Aicha Kaddur is left hanging, which is disconcerting. The novel overall encompasses unique concepts with very real characters, showing lots of imagination. This is an enjoyable tale for sci-fi fans.


Belinda Wilson