An Imperfect Engagement (Wiltshire Chronicles #2)


HISTORICAL:  Little does Samantha realize when she is coerced away from her brother’s home by her cousin Franklin that he means to get the location of the family jewels from her, even if it means beating her within an inch of her life. While they are at Franklin’s apartment, Samantha finds damning evidence that he is the one who killed her father so many years before. Her fiancé Benjamin and his twin, Thomas, are led on a merry chase trying to rescue Samantha and capture Franklin as well. Franklin manages to stay one step ahead of justice in his quest for the family jewels that he claims should have been his inheritance, although he was never in line to inherit. Will Samantha ever be saved and will she and Benjamin live to see their wedding day?


"An Imperfect Engagement" is a fast-paced adventure story. Samantha realizes Franklin’s duplicity shortly after the beginning of the novel. From there, Franklin really begins to unravel and his insanity begins to show. The other characters are all strong, well-written men and women who know their places in society, even if they don’t always act on it. Dialogue is lacking in this tale as the narrative takes over to tell the story. The word fiancé is often used for fiancée and that is distracting in a book that is all about an engagement. Plot twists occupy the reader throughout this piece however, and will keep them on the edge of their seats. There are plenty of surprises that are sure to stun in this multilayer story. 

Belinda Wilson