Iconoclast (A Sean McPherson Novel Book Two)

Laurie Buchanan

Still not fully dealing well with the loss of his partner, Sean McPherson has his eyes set on going back into law enforcement, and being with his fiancée, Emma Benton. At the Pines & Quill writers retreat in Bellingham Bay, they are looking at building their life together. Sean becomes a wrench in the works for the Gambino crime family who plan to use Bellingham to traffic humans, drugs, and weapons. Gambino has every intention of making sure that Sean doesn’t stay a problem for long. The writers at the retreat are an interesting bunch, and it soon becomes apparent that one of them may be taking their fascination for murder off the pages and into the real world. Will Sean make it through?

Sean McPherson is back, and this time he’s facing a foe that isn’t going to go down easily. Laurie Buchanan has knocked it out of the park with this one. There is a lot going on, and the descriptions pull the reader right into the middle of the action. The plot moves briskly and is full of surprises. Gambino is a scary guy, and is portrayed well as someone who shouldn’t be messed with. The different personalities attending the writers retreat is a motley crew, and there is a constant question hanging around as to whether one of them is up to no good. “Iconoclast” is the second book in the Sean McPherson series, and another great offering from Ms. Buchanan. This is a series to add to the e-reader and plan on staying up late for! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick