I Will Not Run


Battered wife Winter Camalari bides her time until she can escape from her demented and abusive husband Bruno.  One hasty decision years ago has caused over a decade of terror and control at the hands of a sadistic monster. After a home invasion leaves Winter shaken, Bruno enlists the assistance of Dominic Frenchman, Winter’s high school love. Dominic is a forensic psychiatrist posing as a gun instructor to help her get over her aversion to guns. Still in love with Winter, Dominic plans to get her away from Bruno by any means necessary. However, Winter has plans of her own. Will she be able to overcome her fear and not give in to her desire to run? 


"I Will Not Run" is a scintillating story about one woman's struggle to withstand the non- stop abuse by her husband. Ms. Preston does a lovely job, the book is well written with a unique writing style, and the Aussie slang is a welcome touch. Winter is not a cookie-cutter character. Her thoughts and feelings are complex and many of her decisions leave one scratching their heads in disbelief. While written mainly as a diary entry in Winter’s voice, several chapters are from Bruno or Dominic’s point of view. Some readers may be confused by the lack of continuity. An elaborate plot and dark secrets drive this twisty and tangled tale to a startling finish. If one is looking for a compelling read with a dramatic ending, look no further!


Chantel Hardge