I, Spy (Spy Another Day) Volume 1


Talia Reynolds is an American spy conquering deadly missions in Canada. She's attempting to live a normal life as a twenty-something girl, but it's a little tough especially since her boyfriend, Danny thinks she's a lawyer instead of a CIA Operative. Admitting the truth to the man she loves is harder than she thinks, but she doesn't want him involved in her dangerous occupation because he'll be in harm's way, too. Talia's next mission is prompted by learning of a Russian, aerospace executive, Fyodor Timofeyev, who is completely shady. Is it a coincidence that Danny is an aerospace engineer? He very well could be the next target as Talia tries to save her country AND her relationship.

McCollum's debut in this brand new series will appeal to spy thriller and romance fans alike. It is told in a first person narrative, by our extremely likable heroine, Talia, and it was a smart move made by the author. Readers will find the story more animated in this writing style. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. It was action-packed and suspenseful, but there was a stall towards the middle, where it should've been most thrilling. Also, Danny's character was quite secretive. It would've helped to make his and Talia's relationship more believable by showing the readers a little more about him. I, Spy does leave enough for the imagination as we await the second installment, though.


Jaime A. Geraldi