I’ll Be Seeing You


Detective Cole McKenzie wasn’t expecting a brunette bombshell to walk into his station seeking his help. But here she was, standing in front of his desk. Katherine Chastain is terrified and can’t stand the fear of looking over her shoulder anymore. She seeks help from Cole, who can’t get those beautiful emerald eyes out of his mind from the moment he lays his own on her. A stalker has been hunting Katherine for so long she has forgotten what safety feels like. Cole promises that he will keep her safe but he can’t fight the feelings burning within him for Katherine. Passion gives way to fear as side by side, they try to discover the identity of Katherine’s stalker.

Detective Cole McKenzie is the perfect alpha male with his movie-star good looks and a tough, no-nonsense attitude. He oozes sensuality and will leave female readers fanning themselves with their e-reader. There are so many stalker stories in romantic fiction but Ms. Kuncytes stands out from the rest with her well-flowing story and excellent character development. There are moments in the story that are edgy and climactic and others where the passion from the book explodes from the page. Five stars is a must for this thrilling ride which also includes a good amount of steamy romance! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick