House of Secrets


Madeline Frost has had enough. For months she's endured her boyfriend's emotional and verbal abuse. Tired of Liam's Jekyll and Hyde behavior and with growing concerns about the effect he's having on her daughter Poppy, she's made the decision to leave him. With nowhere else to go Maddie seeks refuge at Wrea Head Hall, the hotel owned by her father - a man she barely knows. Her renewed relationship with her dad and the attentions of the handsome groundskeeper Christopher “Bandit” Lawless are enough to keep her mind occupied. But as she settles into her new life, she finds that her ex won't be forgotten. Things take a dark turn as Liam becomes more desperate to prove that Maddie is his. Can Maddie and Bandit put a stop to Liam's plans?

“House of Secrets” is a riveting drama about secrets, love and obsession that will keep the reader glued to the page! Ms. Stacy is a wonderful storyteller and does a fabulous job conveying the beauty of Wrea Head Hall. One can easily envision themselves as guests of the hotel. Although the majority of the characters are well drawn, the book starts slowly and some readers may feel less than enthusiastic with Liam's overwrought characterization. As a villain he comes across as disturbed, certainly, but not sufficiently terrifying. And while there are no true surprises due to the heavy-handed foreshadowing, the book does end on a sweet and satisfying note. Readers should be on the lookout for more from this first-time author! 


Chantel Hardge