House of Cards


Poor Jesse Pena, she’s had nothing but tragedy in her life.  First her parents are killed in a horrible auto accident that she and her sister Alicia barely escape alive.  Now Alicia is missing and Jesse knows Alicia’s husband Marcus is behind it all, but she just can’t prove it.  At least she has Michael Cisneros in her corner - a police detective with the Brownsville Police Department, and an old family friend. Too bad no one, including Michael, seems to think that Marcus is guilty!  He plays the part of the grieving husband all too well, but Jess isn’t fooled.  Michael wants desperately to help Jesse, and he would like to be more to her than a cop solving a case, but romance has to wait, there’s a killer on the loose. 


“House of Cards” is a great “whodunit”!  It captures the readers interest when, with few clues and suspects, Jesse (and the reader) is left with only intuition to solve the mystery.  Jesse and Michael’s romance teases with a slow start, but then very definitely catches fire.  The identity of Alicia’s killer is kept hidden, with gradual twists and turns as the identity of the killer is carefully and craftily uncovered. Ms. Molina does a superb job weaving all the ends of the story together, leaving the reader, right along with Jesse and Michael working to solve a murder and enjoying the surprise of romance as well. 


Victoria Z. Burg